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About Us

York Graduate Campus

York Graduate Campus (YGC) is clearly acknowledged & accepted as a “State Of The Art” structurally perfect Learning Institute of Higher Education located in Kelaniya which is placed less than a Ten (10) Minutes’ drive from The City of Colombo.

The establishment, which is an entity functioning under the cluster of splendid educational facilities belonging to York International Group, is widely endorsed and positioned amongst the Leading Educational Clusters in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

To be the leading, innovative and world class higher educational institute in Sri Lanka, providing a steady and brighter future for all the students to become responsible global citizens.

Our Mission

Providing Premium education by Inventing Innovative Learning Environment & Teaching Practices that help Students to achieve their Full Potential with an eternal prerequisite for learning to become Productive Contributors & Future Leaders for the country that can meet the diverse needs of today’s world.

Key Of Success

The ultimate objective of York Graduate Campus is to produce highly qualified competent all-round individuals who are ready to face challenges successfully.

Message from Chairman​

As the Founder Chairman of the York Graduate Campus and the York International School Cluster, I welcome you warmly with pleasure. My dedication to education stems from my father, P.F. Perera’s dream of providing wholesome and qualitative education for all. In 2009, I established the Group of York International Schools in suburban cities of Colombo to fulfil this vision. My commitment to education has paid off as York International has become a respected institution for student education, grooming the lives of over 5,000 students in the field.
With pride, I can say that my progressive and comprehensive development of York International has instilled confidence in me to continuously extend the continuum of student education under one single umbrella, York. The York Graduate Campus, or YGC, represents the pinnacle of every student’s aspiration to develop their professional skills and reach their destiny through various programs such as Foundation and Diplomas, Bachelor, Master Degrees, and even PhDs from globally recognized and UGC-acknowledged universities.

As the largest and most modern campus in Gampaha District, YGC provides world-ranked universities for an affordable and innovative delivery of high-quality education. Our goal is to produce highly qualified and competent individuals who are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s workforce.

I confidently assure you that choosing York Graduate Campus to pursue your educational ambitions and objectives as a parent or student will lead to your professional growth and development, helping you reach your targets beyond your expectations.

Wish you all the very best!

God bless!


Message from CEO

In just a decade, the York Graduate Campus (YGC) has established itself as a leader in education in Sri Lanka. With a comprehensive range of high-quality higher education programs, YGC has received both international and governmental recognition. These programs are carefully structured and delivered by a team of experienced academics, providing students with a state-of-the-art learning experience.

Furthermore, YGC has partnered with several top-ranked international universities and awarding institutes, further solidifying its reputation for excellence. Some of these notable partners include Flinders University of Australia, Lincoln University College of Malaysia, and Pearson Ltd. of the United Kingdom. These universities are not only well-respected, but have also received approval and recognition from the Tertiary Vocational Commission (TVEC) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka.

In addition, YGC is committed to maintaining high standards in infrastructure, academic quality, and administration, as recommended by global and local regulatory administrators of higher education.

Therefore, as an ambitious student, parent, or guardian, it is crucial to make a wise decision in selecting a dependable higher education institution like YGC. With its reputation for excellence and commitment to high standards, YGC is the perfect place to achieve your educational goals and pave the way for a bright future. So, take advantage of this opportunity and seize the day!